Only Fleet Companies have access to the CARDS menu item on Card MIS. This functionality enables you to manage any requests with regard to TOTAL Vehicle or Driver cards. Once you have completed the detail of your request an email is sent to the TSA-Administrator, who will then action the request.

Stop Cards

All Fleet Administrators have access to stop cards. Other Fleet user types may also be given access to this functionality. Fleet Managers, Financial Controllers or Operations Managers are able to use this functionality if the Fleet Administrator has ticked the Cards check-box on the User details screen.

To STOP Cards

To stop a card, use the following keystrokes to navigate to the Stop Cards screen: Cards/Stop Cards

On the Stop Cards screen, you can enter the details for the request. You can complete the details by entering and making a selection from the available drop-down lists.

To add additional stop card requests, click on the Add button.

To delete a stop card request, click on the Remove button.

Before submitting your stop card request, ensure that the details are correct.

To submit your request, click on the Submit Request button.

Card MIS displays a confirmation message and an automatic email is sent to the Total Card MIS Administrator, who will action the request.

Card Stop

Figure 1: Stop Cards Screen

Possible problems:

  • Error Message: Card Number / Vehicle Registration / Drivers Name is Required. This means that you have failed to enter data for the specified field which must be completed. Please enter valid data in the required fields, before submitting your request.
  • Error Message: Card Number must be 18 characters. This means that your Card Number is too short to be valid. Make sure it is exactly 18 characters long and avoid using spaces.
  • Error Message: Card Number must be Numeric. This means that your Card Number contains other characters besides numbers, which is invalid. Make sure it contains only numbers and avoid using spaces.
  • Made a mistake : If you realise that you've made a mistake, by the time the confirmation message is displayed. Send an email to the Total Card MIS Administrator as soon as possible. Click on the Contact link in the top header bar, this opens your email and you can type a message explaining the problem.