Card MIS makes it possible for you to Add Expected Fuel Consumption per vehicle.

The main purpose of this functionality is to make it possible for you to add an expected fuel consumption for a vehicle in your fleet.

Expected Fuel Consumption Reports

All Fleet Administrators have access to Expected Fuel Consumption Reports.
To navigate to the Expected Fuel Consumption Report screen, use the following keystrokes: Reports/Expected Fuel Consumption.

Expected Fuel Consumption

Figure 1: Expected Fuel Consumption Report Screen

When this screen is displayed, all vehicles in your fleet will be displayed.
If there is a specific vehicle you wish to search for, enter the vehicles registration number in the "Vehicle Registration" field, then click the Search button.

To add an expected fuel consumption to a vehicle, enter the value in the correspoding text-box, under the "Expected Consumption" column, and click the Add button.
If you are adding expected fuel consumptions for more than one vehicle, you can enter all the values and click the "Add All" button.

To Download a list of the expected fuel consumption, click the Download to Csv and/or Download to Pdf button.
Please Note: PDF format is Non-Editable, whereas CSV format is Editable.