Login As

Only TSA Administrators have access to the Login As menu item. The purpose of this function, is to enable you, as a TSA Administrator to login as a different user and to see exactly what that user sees. This is useful if you are trying to help a Card MIS user with a problem.

To SEARCH For A User

To find the user you want to Login As, select the menu item Login As. A single mouse click takes you to the Login As screen:

If you click the Search button, without specifying any search criteria, you are performing an 'Open Search'. Card MIS will then display a list of all the users in the Card MIS on the Search Results screen. However, to refine your search you can enter the User's Name, Company Name, Account Number or part thereof.


Figure 1: Logon As Screen

Entries in the "Name" and or "Company / Account No" fields will limit the list of users displayed on the Search Results screen:


Figure 2: Search Results

Possible Problems

  • Error Mesage: There is no data available. This indicates that your search criteria are not valid, or that the user does not exist. Try and make your search wider by using only one of the two search criteria fields or use the 'Open Search' keystrokes of Login As / Search. This will list all the users in Card MIS.

To LOGIN AS A Different User

Once a list of users is displayed, click on the user you wish to login as, using the Login as link. Card MIS takes you to the home page of that user, without having to make use of that user's password. You now have the exact same menu display and functionality, as the user you have logged in as. Note that Card MIS displays your own login as well as your additional login, while making use of this functionality. It is important to remember, to return to your own login, once you have finished with the login as function you were performing.


Figure 3: Showing both Logins

To RETURN To Own Home Page

Once you want to return to your own home page, click the Return link in the header bar. Card MIS takes you back to your own home page, without having to login and there is no need to re-enter your password.