Card MIS makes it possible for you to have New Transactions emailed to you, on a regular basis.

The main purpose of this functionality is to make it possible for you to have all New Transactions emailed to you (or another user of the same company) on a regular basis. This makes it easy to ensure that a continuous and complete set of New Transactions is obtained. Once downloaded into Excel you can manipulate the information as you wish. Normal transactions will be attached as a CSV file.

Access is not allowed from a lower level to a higher level, i.e. level 3 does not have access to level 2 and level 2 does not have access to level 1. Access is not allowed between companies on the same level, i.e. Subcontracted companies on level 2 do not have access to each other's transactions. Access is not available, for linked companies on level 2 and level 3, if no templates have been allocated.

Templates define which data fields will be available when a company accesses the transaction information. Templates are only relevant for linked Subcontracted companies on levels 2 and 3. Linked Subcontracted companies without templates have NO access to data fields at all. Linked Subcontracted companies with allocated templates have access to the data fields defined by those templates. For more information on adding, editing, allocating and deleting of templates, see the Template functionality.

File Management

For periodic downloads you cannot choose the type of download, since this functionality is only available for New Transactions.

Only Fleet Administrators, have access to Periodic Reports under File Management, to set up the frequency and recipients of the periodic reports. Only those Fleet Managers, Financial Controllers, Operations Managers which have been given Access to View linked account information, will be able to receive these downloads.

Important points to take note of and possible problems:

  • Fleet Customers and Dealers must ensure that their E-mail service providers will allow a .csv file from to pass it through the spam filters.
  • Make sure that e-mail addresses of the users are correct.
  • The less frequent this request for download is set-up for download, the bigger the e-mail file will be.


To setup periodic reports in Card MIS, use the following keystrokes: File Management/Download/Periodic Reports

This takes you to the screen where you can set up the periodic report frequency and recipients:

Periodic Download

Figure 1: Download Periodic Report Screen

In the "Frequency" section you can choose 1 of 4 options.
Emails will be dispatched during the night and therefore should be in the recipient's inbox the morning of the specified day. For the Weekly option, you have to indicate which day of the week the email is to arrive. For the Monthly option, you have to specify which date in that month the email is to arrive.

Periodic Download

Figure 2: Frequency Section

Once you have specified the frequency, select the recipients of the email.

All users for your company will be displayed. Click in the check-box of the desired recipients. Click on the Submit Request button. Card MIS displays a confirmation message.

Periodic Download

Figure 3: Email Recipients

Periodic Download

Figure 4: Confirmation Message

Possible Problems:

  • Error message : Please select at least one email address. This indicates that you clicked the Submit Request button, without having selected any recipients for the email. Make sure that you click in at least one of the check-boxes of the displayed users.
  • If you update your periodic download setup, card MIS checks your set up at midnight each day. When you access Period Reports function, Card MIS defaults to your current set up.