The Price Administrator has access to functions which may be used to control the process whereby Dealers are invited to Submit Margins on Deregulated Products, and the subsequent creation of Dealer Prices.

Price Admin Overview

Figure 1: Price Parameters

Price Parameter Overview

Every month , before the Fuel price may be updated by Dealers, the TSA Price Administrator will be responsible for setting up Price Parameters.
To set Price Parameters, navigate to the Fuel Prices menu item.

The following concepts are important:

Product Price Parameter
Determines whether a Total Fuel Product is sold, or not sold, and whether it is regulated, de-regulated on a country by country basis.

Country Price Parameter
Determines the dates on which new prices will take effect in each country. E.g. In South Africa, there is usually one Country Price Parameter per month.

Dealer Price Parameter
This is an invitation, to a specific Dealer, or, to all Dealers in a Country, to tender a Margin on a specific Deregulated Product.

Price Control File
The Price Control File is a file containing records (one record per Dealer per Product) for each country.

NB: Dealer Prices can only be created for a Country Price Parameter if:

  • The Price Control File has been uploaded and contains information such as WLSP and Maximum Pump Price for each product for each Dealer.
  • The Dealer(s) must have been invited to tender margins for the Country Price Parameter.

Once the Dealer Price Parameters are set up and are made available to dealers via the MIS website, they are then be able to log fuel margins against the Price Parameters that they have access to as setup by the Price Administrator. The fuel prices will then be calculated by MIS and passed back to the Template Light System. The prices will also be made available to fleet customers as well to buy fuel at the available price.

Create A Product Type Parameter

The TSA Price Administrator can now go and set the Regulated / Deregulated Status of each Product, per Country provided that the Product master file has been received from Template Light prior to this.
The TSA Price Administrator will create a new record as follows for Product Type Parameter.

Navigate to Fuel Prices/Product Type Parameter.

Price Admin Overview

Figure 2: Product Type Parameter Screen

Click the Add button.

Price Admin Overview

Figure 3: Add Product Type Parameter

Use the drop-down boxes to select the "Product", "Country" and "Product Regulation Type". The "Effective From Date" is selected using the date picker (calendar pop-up).


  • If the status of a Product Type Parameter CHANGES, e.g. from Regulated to De-Regulated, add a NEW Product Price Parameter for this Country. This will automatically close off the previous Product Type Parameter on the date at which the Product changes its regulation status.
  • If a Product is no longer sold in a Country, edit the current Product Type Parameter record and set the Expiry date to the date on which the Product is no longer sold.
  • DO NOT change the Product Type Parameter during the Open Period prior to a new Price Effective Date, as this will cause confusion among dealers as to which products they may / may not set margins.

Search For A Product Type Parameter

The search screen allows TSA Price Administrators to quickly determine the regulation status of each product in each Country (present or past).

Price Admin Overview

Figure 4: Product Type Parameter Screen

To Search for a Product Type Parameter on the Card MIS, use the following keystrokes: Fuel Prices/Product Type Parameter.
Click the Search button.

This is an "open" search. Card MIS displays a list of all the relevant Product Type Parameters, on the Product Type Parameter Search Results screen.
To refine your search you can enter specific search criteria on the Product Type Parameter screen.

You can select a time period from the two date fields, "Effective From Date" and "Effective To Date".
You can also use the drop-down boxes, "Product", "Country" and "Product Regulation Type", to narrow the search to specific criteria.
One or all of these entries will limit the list of price exceptions that the system displays on the Product Type Parameter Search Results screen.

Price Admin Overview

Figure 5: Product Type Parameter Search Results Screen

To return all the fields to their default values, click the Clear button.

Possible Problems:

  • Error message: There is no data available. This indicates that the search criteria were not valid. Try and make your search wider, by entering/selecting less search criteria.

Download A List Of Product Type Parameters

To download a list of Product Type Parameters, use the following keystrokes: Fuel Prices/Product Type Parameter.

To find a specific list of Product Type Parameters that you would like to Download, refer to the Search For A Product Type Parameter section above.

Once you have found the list of Product Type Parameters you wish to Download, depending on which format you prefer, click the Download to Csv and/or Download to Pdf button.
Please Note: PDF format is Non-Editable, whereas CSV format is Editable.