Price Update

Only Dealerships have access to the Search Dealers page.
To navigate to the Seach Dealers page, use the following keystrokes: Dealer/Price Update.
This displays all the country price effective dates relevent to your company.

Price Update

Figure 1: Price Update Screen

Capturing Margins On Deregulated Products

After receiving notification of an upcoming date for change of fuel prices, you will be able to change your margins on de-regulated Fuel Products to Route Africa Fleet customers (you may receive this notification via email, or via the Dealer Communications web site).

During the Open Period (as indicated by the Dealer Price Parameter field), dealers will be able to locate Price Periods for their Country in which they will be able to submit their margins. If the Price Period is still open, Dealers will then be able to enter a price for each De regulated Product.

To navigate to the Edit Dealer Margins page, use the following keystrokes: Dealer/Price Update.
Click the Edit Dealer Price link.

Price Update

After clicking on the Edit Dealer Price link, the system will navigate to the Edit Dealer Margins page.

Please Note:
You can only create a Margin for a product code that has an indicator of "De-regulated".
The Card MIS System by default shows all products (stocked and non-stocked) you are able to set margins for. The column Stock Product will display "Yes" if the item is stocked, and "No" if it is not.

Price Update

  • If a Price Control File HAS already been uploaded by the TSA Price Admin, then the WLSP and RSP (maximum) prices will be visible to the Dealer.
  • If the Price Control file is NOT yet uploaded from TL, then the Dealer may still enter prices, but the WLSP and RRP will not be shown. A warning will be given to inform the user that Post validation will be done once the PCF is uploaded).
  • The Dealer price will be calculated by MIS by adding the dealer margin to the Wholesale Selling Price.
  • If your margin exceeds the Maximum Pump price, the Dealer Price will be capped at the Maximum Pump Price.
  • If the calculated price is lower than or equal to the wholesale price (ie. zero or negative dealer margin) , a warning error is given and you will be required to confirm this action.
  • If No margins are captured, a second warning email will be sent out 48 hours before the price open period closes.
  • However, if no margin is captured at all, when the open period closes, then the previous month’s margin will be used (provided it does not exceed the maximum pump price).
  • An email confirmation will to be sent to you after margins are captured (i.e. provided the PCF has been received already).
  • You may change your margin as many times as you wish, during the Price Open period , as set on price parameters.
  • Once you are done entering the desired margins, click the Ok button to save your entries.
    At any point you may click the Cancel button, if you wish to abort your current operation.

    DOWNLOAD Price Updates

    To download a list of dealers, use the following keystrokes: Dealer/Searh Dealers.

    Click the Download to Csv and/or Download to Pdf button.
    Please Note: PDF format is Non-Editable, whereas CSV format is Editable.