Search Dealers

Only Fleet Customers have access to the Search Dealers page.
To navigate to the Search Dealers page, use the following keystrokes: Dealer/Search Dealers.
This shows all the Dealerships on the Card MIS.

Search Dealers

Figure 1: Search Dealers Screen

To SEARCH For A Dealer

To search for a dealer, use the following keystrokes: Dealer/Search Dealers.
This is an "open" search. Card MIS displays all Dealerships and their relevent information.
To refine your search, use the "Country", "Province", "City", "Zone" and "Site Classification" drop-down boxes to select specific search criteria.

Search Dealers

Figure 2: Dealer Search Results

Click the Clear button to return all fields to their default values.

Possible Problems:

  • Error message: There is no data available. This indicates that the search criteria were not valid. Try and make your search wider, by selecting less search criteria.

DOWNLOAD A List Of Dealers

To download a list of dealers, use the following keystrokes: Dealer/Searh Dealers.

To find a specific list of dealers that you would like to Download, refer to the To SEARCH For A Dealer section above.

Once you have found the list of dealers you wish to Download, depending on which format you prefer, click the Download to Csv and/or Download to Pdf button.
Please Note: PDF format is Non-Editable, whereas CSV format is Editable.