View Account Links

Only TSA Administrators and Fleet Administrators have access to View Account Links.

To VIEW Account Links

To view all the linked companies along with their levels (and templates if applicable), for a specific Main Company, use the following keystrokes: View/Account Links.

View Account Links

Figure 1: View Account Links Screen

In the "Primary Company/Account No" field, type the full name or account number of the Main Company.
Click the Show Links button.

If you are a Fleet Administrator, you will not be able to enter a Company Name or Account Number. Card MIS will display all subcontracted companies, if any, linked to your company.

Possible Problems:

  • Error message: There is no data available. This indicates that the Company Name/Account Number is not valid. If the Company Name/Account Number is valid, then the company is either not a Main Company, or it is a Subcontractor. Another possibility is that the company has no Links to any other company.